Welcoming IHC’s New Intern: Jordan Fisher

Name: Jordan Fisher Jordan Fisher

Age: 21

Occupation: Student at University of Richmond

Place of Birth: Abington, Pennsylvania

How did you first get involved with IHC?: I heard about IHC through a friend, Kristin Bushby, who interned this summer and via an email from the International Office of Education at UR.

What was your first impression of IHC?: I was very excited when I first received the email about IHC intern opportunities.  As I browsed the website and learned more about IHC I became really interested and knew this was the internship for me.  I am not too sure what to expect for my daily activities, but I have heard from other interns how great the experience is and how IHC is a hands-on learning environment.  Basically I imagine my daily work to involve office work that allows me to experience the “behind the scenes” of an NGO.

What do you hope to learn while interning at IHC? : While interning at IHC I would like to learn more about how an NGO works and also look into translating opportunities.  I would also like to learn more about career opportunities with NGOs like IHC.

What are your feelings about your internship at IHC?: I am a little apprehensive about my first day at IHC but have heard nothing but great things so I am mostly excited to get started and meet new people!

What do you expect will be your greatest challenge during your internship? : As of right now I think my greatest challenge will be getting over my first day nerves since this is my first internship!  Other than that I am coming into this internship with a relaxed, positive outlook.

In what areas do you expect to excel at IHC? : All of my extracurricular and past waitressing experiences have really helped me to become more outgoing, goal-oriented, and a good contributor.  I feel like these strengths will help me excel in group work as well as individual work and acclimating myself to a new work environment.

What made you chose the IHC internship as opposed to other groups?: I was drawn to the IHC internship by two factors. First, the relationship with the Spanish language, as I have completed a minor in Latin American and Iberian studies and studied at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona for a semester, and am always looking for new opportunities to practice and learn Spanish.  Second, I have always aspired to work with children in an NGO setting.  I was unsure of how to break into this type of work and when I heard about the IHC internship I thought it was too good to be true.  The IHC internship combined these two desires and provided a great learning opportunity for this semester.


One Response to Welcoming IHC’s New Intern: Jordan Fisher

  1. Ashley says:

    Welcome Jordan!

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