IHC is competing in an online challenge!

The countdown has begun! IHC has less than ten days to raise $4,000 from 50 donors to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving.com. We are over halfway to our goal, but we need your help to meet it! Please consider making a donation by September 18 on Global Giving: http://www.globalgiving.com/3405

Every donation helps! A donation of $10 will enable IHC to reach a new network of friends. It will also help fund IHC’s next orthopedic mission to the Caribbean. This fall, we hope to reach an estimated 130 youth with life-enhancing care.  Without this help, these children may remain immobile–unable to walk to school, stand without help, or live a Zenel2normal life. These are children like 12-year-old Zenel who was healed on a past mission trip. She was born severely bowlegged and needed surgery in order to walk. Thanks to IHC, Zenel has hopes for a normal life, free of suffering.

Thank you in advance for your help,    

Susan Rickman, IHC President


One Response to IHC is competing in an online challenge!

  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks to all my friends and contacts who contributed to this challenge. We are so glad that IHC can now be a part of Global Giving. It really is an awesome listing of great charities and grassroots projects!

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