Meet IHC Intern Deborah Me

deborahName – Deborah Me

Age – 19

Occupation – college student

Place of Birth – Piscataway, New Jersey

How did you first get involved with IHC? How did you hear about IHC?  I was a volunteer at the National Student Partnerships of Richmond.  When Tempa Klinegores, one of the site coordinators, found out that I was a Spanish and Biology major on the pre-medicine track at VCU, she thought that working with the International Hospital for Children would suit me very well and notified Lauren Faig, the volunteer director of IHC at the time, of my interest in volunteering.  I started volunteering at the IHC in the spring of 2009.

What was your first impression of IHC? How do you imagine your day to day work activities to go?  When Lauren was explaining to me the mission of IHC and what they did on a regular basis at my volunteer orientation, I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved with this organization.  It combined almost all of my interests into one: children, medicine and multi-cultural interaction. 

What do you hope to learn while interning at IHC?  I hope to find out more about the requirements of develop an NGO and also learn other ways to make healthcare available to children everywhere.

What are your feelings about your internship at IHC? Apprehensive? Prepared?  I’m pretty excited.

What do you expect will be your greatest challenge in interning at IHC?  I am not an early riser, so my biggest challenge will be getting up early in the morning to start my day at IHC.

In what areas do you expect to excel at IHC?  Organization and attention to detail are my stronger points, so I hope that comes in handy to the IHC staff.

What made you chose to intern with IHC as opposed to other groups?  I love working with children, and being a doctor has been a longtime goal of mine.  In the last few years I have considered the possibility of traveling and practicing medicine in another country, or doing social work there.  IHC’s mission of providing healthcare to children regardless of geography seems to parallel my own interests very closely.  I loved doing volunteer work with the IHC already, so I wanted to get more involved.


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