IHC Partners With Owens & Minor

Owens and Minor is an industry leader in the provision of surgical supply products and a world-class provider of supply chain management solutions.  Based in Richmond, VA, Owens and Minor (OM) began working with IHC in September of 2008 through donation of surgical supplies to IHC’s annual pediatric surgery missions. This past July (2009), however, marked the formalization of our partnership, and while OM’s original agreement was to provide regular product donation for our teams, their generosity has extended far beyond that and what we’d dreamed to envision. 

Thanks to the generous leadership of Khaki Weber, OM’s director of supplier relations and product development, and Nick Ciucci, the company is making four very significant quarterly donations of surgical product to IHC’s teams.  OM’s own MediChoice products as well as other OM-distributed supplies equip IHC’s pediatric surgeons with their preferred products.  OM’s donation of supplies each time translates into monies saved for IHC to send their much-needed teams abroad; even more importantly, their donation means IHC teams can provide our international children with the same high quality level of care we provide our kids in the US.  IHC is proud to stand firm in this high standard of care and OM is an integral part of our capacity to do so.

 This year OM products will outfit 24 different IHC surgeons and their teams to provide critical care services to an expected 900 kids who otherwise would not have access to that level of expert care.  Of those, 300 will receive critically needed surgery.  And of those, 100 lives will be saved through pediatric cardiac surgery or neurosurgery.

But beyond providing the tools necessary to improve children’s lives now, OM is building IHC’s long-term capacity, just as we remain dedicated to building the local sustainability of our partners internationally.  In addition to their considerable donation of products for use in the operating room, OM team members Corky Biller, manager of logistics and operations, and Greg Clack, regional director of transportation, have grown IHC’s capacity for efficiently and effectively managing the thousands of pounds of surgical supplies we pack and ship for our teams year-round.  Corky and Greg have spent several full days at the IHC office fully stocking IHC’s two supply rooms with donated shelving and bins that we use to house our supplies on site.  For the first time, IHC is equipped with the organized space that gives us the full capacity we need to handle the requests we receive for help.  Additionally, Greg has built a custom-designed electronic database that newly gives IHC the means to track needed supplies well in advance and to accurately manage our inventory of high-demand products as teams travel and return home.  OM hasn’t stopped here but has also gifted IHC with 30 sturdy rolling duffle bags that travel month after month with our teams to keep our supplies in good condition.

OM is dedicated to their team members’ community involvement and deserves great recognition for their partnership with IHC and the children we serve.  Employees at both organizations agree it’s astounding to see the results that are possible through an organized effort.  For IHC and OM, those results mean children’s lives that are completely changed forever!   

 – Lauren Davis, IHC We Send Program Manager


16 Responses to IHC Partners With Owens & Minor

  1. Thank you so much for your generous support of the wonderful work of this group.

  2. Lisa Schloeder says:

    To All at Owens and Minor,

    As a medical volunteer for the IHC, thank you for dedication and support!

    Lisa Schloeder RN
    Charlotte, NC

  3. Jon R Davids, MD says:

    Thank you for your ongoing support of IHC… this organization is making a difference in the lives of many children and families!

  4. susan rickman says:

    Thank you so much Owens and Minor. We are so proud to be a partner with you in our efforts to make sure children – regardless of geography – have access to the pediatric care they need. You are amazing company!! Susan Rickman, President IHC

  5. John Ward MD says:

    as the medical director of IHC I want to personally thank you for your efforts and commend you on your caring and compassion

  6. Kinloch Nelson MD says:

    The gift of time, talent and materials is an inspiration to us all. The children thank you

  7. David Lanning, MD, PhD says:

    Thank you Owens and Minor for your support. Your organization is helping make a difference in the lives of many children and their families!

  8. Mary Horton says:

    It’s so wonderful that Owens and Minor is supporting the work of IHC! Thank you for all your kind generosity and care that will enable IHC to continue making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

    Mary Horton
    IHC Board Member

  9. Mary O'Hanley CRNA says:

    Thank you Owens and Minor for your support. They say it takes a village and I believe IHC is quite a village of dedicated people making a difference for our global children. As an anesthesia volunteer I can’t thank you enough for your support and devotion to the children.

    Mary O’Hanley, CRNA

  10. Tom Bohannon says:

    O & M,
    the support that you provide helps make the IHC miracle happen.
    God bless you all, and I pray that the gift that you provide can
    continue to touch the lives of children until there is no longer a need.

  11. fred mcglynn says:

    thanks for all. Compassion, support allows care for those most in need.
    Peace and B lessings

  12. Jay Shapiro, MD says:

    As a long-time medical volunteer, I appreciate O&M’s continued commitment to providing the supplies that we need to care for kids thru IHC.

  13. John Kemper says:

    Thanks so much for your support of IHC. I had the pleasure of sponsoring and going with a surgical team led by David Lanning, MD to St. Vincent this month. I got to see first hand what your contributions meant to the children of the Eastern Carribean – thanks for all you do.

    John Kemper
    Chairman & CEO – KLMK Group, LLC
    IHC Board Member

  14. Donna Brown says:

    As board chair, I thank you on behalf of the entire board. As a volunteer surgeon, I echo the sentiments already stated. Your generous support of our work has enabled us to help more and more children. This is a great thing for Richmond and for the children in our partner countries. Thank you!! Donna Brown

  15. Gratitute comes your way from Belize, Central America. I represent IHC in this small country where the need for critical care is immense. Resources are limited – but your donations are tremendous. You assist us to save these beautiful, deserving children to have a lifetime of opportunity! As is said in Belizean creole, “TANKS OWENS & MINOR!” Milagro Garel

  16. Kim Wesdock says:

    Thank you for making it all possible!! I am always proud to walk through the many airports to/from IHC trips pulling my big blue OM bag, particularly on our most recent trip to SVG – full of much-needed splinting supplies. Kim Wesdock, Physical Therapist

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