IHC Arranges For Supplies to Be Sent to Haiti

            “IHC does not work in Haiti, so we have been keeping our eyes and ears open as to how we can best assist in the crisis,” said Susan Rickman, President of IHC. “We reached out to our Dominican hospital partners and found an opportunity that gives me great confidence that our efforts will reach the right people.”

            According to CNN.com, large quantities of relief supplies are sitting on the tarmac and in warehouses in Haiti, yet no one is moving them to the people that so desperately need them. Through partners in the Dominican Republic, IHC has arranged for supplies to be sent to St. Damien’s Hospital, one of the few working hospitals helping the massive patient load. IHC has been provided with a list of basic medical supplies that are greatly needed and has reached out to partner Owens and Minor to donate these supplies. In addition, Estes Express has generously agreed to assist with delivery of the supplies.

             “I truly think we have found a way to assist the Haitian people. I am confident the supplies we send will not sit on a tarmac, waiting for days for distribution,” said Susan. “I am grateful to all IHC supporters for being part of everything we do as we attempt – within our resources, expertise and mission – to help relieve the suffering of children with critical care needs.”


2 Responses to IHC Arranges For Supplies to Be Sent to Haiti

  1. Lauren Davis, Program Manager, Missions says:

    I’ve worked at IHC for five years now and every day I am humbled and motivated by what is made possible by different groups’ coming together to make something new happen! Who could have dreamt up connecting Owens&Minor, the Office of the First Lady of the Dominican Republic, Estes Express, and the office in little “Dover Building”?! I am inspired by the extension of IHC’s efforts to help the people of Haiti, even as someone involved in this work daily! Thank you to Estes Express and as always to O&M for your critical partnership with us.

  2. Kim Wesdock, PT, MS, PCS says:

    Thank you to everyone involved for supporting the needs of the Haitian people.

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