IHC: Letter of Gratitude to You

Below is a letter from a mother who recently traveled to Richmond, VA to receive life-enhancing care for her son. Gloria and her son Ethan were our first family to travel for treatment in the U.S. from Dominica as part of our Eastern Caribbean Initiative. They came for heart surgery with Dr. J. Gangemi at VCU after being on our waiting list since Dr. Moskowitz’s diagnostic trip to St. Vincent in 2009.

IHC President, Susan Rickman, urged Gloria to write this letter when she articulated her gratitude to IHC after last week’s board meeting. Gloria’s sentiments are common among our families, but few are able to express them as eloquently. The pleasure of working with her and her family was also ours as they demonstrated support for the other families in town in addition to her incredible care and advocacy for her own son.

Submitted by Ashley Basmajian, Director of Programs

To:  The President and Board of Directors International Hospital for Children

From: Norman, Gloria &  Ethan                    

 Subject: Letter of Gratitude

As we get ready to go back home to Dominica, we take this opportunity to say thank you in a special way to the president and board of directors of I.H.C.

Words are not enough to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us. Not only did you offer Ethan a chance of a better and healthier life, but you have given us an overwhelming experience here in Richmond, one we will never forget.

Our time here has given us a different perspective on Americans from that, which we may have seen on television, heard of in the past or maybe even had the experience to meet but because of I.H.C we have come to know that there are people who care and have genuine love in their heart for it must be a heart motivated by love that will move you to sacrifice your time and basically your life to helping people you have no relation to and no prior knowledge of.

Each and every one of you at I.H.C must be complimented for the humanitarian work you have dedicated your life to doing. We all live in a world surrounded by people who are seeking to   build empires for personal gains, people who are concern so much about self and so little about the welfare of the less fortunate but in the mists of it all there is a few who think differently and I.H.C has given us the privilege of meeting some of that few. I.H.C itself stands out among that few for without I.H.C we would not have come to know or heard of the rest.

We pray that I.H. C will continue to grow and bring hope to needed children and families globally.  We are reminded in the bible that God is looking for available vessels to use for service and you have responded to that call, you have all made your selves available to be use by him to bring hope to kids who otherwise may not be able to live normal lives or in many cases, may even die if they do not receive help.

We say that not only is I.H.C. made up of the best staff but they provide the best for their kids: the best hospitals, the best doctors, best nurses and very comfortable accommodations.

 Thank you I.H.C and long live I.H.C.

 May God richly bless each and everyone of you.


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